Floralis Generica BA

Designed to move, this flower sculpture opens its petals in the morning and gradually closes during the day; Buenos Aires Read More
Filed In: 2017 02 Feb

Penrose Fountain

During summer, this fountain simulates a waterfall between the upper and lower halves of the circle. But during wintertime, it seems to stand as a stark monument. Read More
Filed In: 2017 01 Jan

New And Old

The (relatively) new artwork decorating the ancient ruins at Pompeii Read More
Filed In: 2016 06 Jun

Ice Carving

Ice carving techniques on display at the 2016 Ice Festival Read More
Filed In: 2016 03 Mar

Cripple Creek Ice Festival

Everything is sculpture; any material, any idea without hindrance born into space, I consider sculpture (Isamu Noguchi) / the ice sculptures at Cripple Creek leap into life as dusk sets in Read More
Filed In: 2016 02 Feb

Rusty The Snowman

Outdoor metal sculpture in Acacia Park downtown Read More
Filed In: 2014 11 Nov