Shrimp Blocks At Tai O Village

Tai O Village on Lantau Island, Hong Kong Territories; fishing, shrimping and paste blocks are a famous, big business Read More
Filed In: 2018 09 Sep

The Apt Fisherman

A boy prepares to cast his line out to sea on a windy afternoon; northern Oregon and the beach Read More
Filed In: 2017 10 Oct

Waterfront Fishing

Popular fishing spot at the Belem district waterfront; Lisbon, Portugal Read More
Filed In: 2017 08 Aug

Steely Light and Sky

A fisherman spends the afternoon looking for a catch... Interesting light and Uruguay oceanfront near Piriápolis Read More
Filed In: 2017 05 May

Fishing La Plata

The sun sets over Rio de la Plata, and people wrap up their fishing for the day... Uruguay has over 400 miles of coastline! Read More
Filed In: 2017 03 Mar

See Snap Catch

Fishing for dinner on the Colonia waterfront... Rio de la Plata, Uruguay Read More
Filed In: 2017 03 Mar