Areas purposely out of focus! 'Bokeh' refers to the effects produced in areas of an image that are not in focus, especially lights and bright points.

Christmas Light Focus

December is upon us, and Christmas lights are going up fast! Read More
Filed In: 2016 12 Dec

The Abstract Chandelier

The abstraction is often the most definite form for the intangible thing (Georgia O'Keeffe) / pointing the camera around randomly for an abstract multiple-exposure Read More
Filed In: 2016 01 Jan

Ice and Sun

Never is the sun so beautiful as on a winter's day; sunlight shining on the ice bokeh Read More
Filed In: 2016 01 Jan


A small rack of prayer candles lighting up the dark Read More
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High Elevation Flowers

Mountain foliage and sunlight near Independence Pass, Colorado Read More
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