Daily Photo

Here you'll get one photo, each weekday, Monday to Friday. Some new photos, and some from the archives. Many will be from my home base here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And hopefully there will be quite a bit of travel photography too!

The Faraway

Welcome to The Faraway, where dreams and reality converge, and light and land meet and fade together in a glowing swash of sun. OK, actually this is the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, somewhere between Split and Dubrovnik. You can hop between dozens of islands like this on your way through. Read More


Motovun is a small hilltop town in northwest Croatia, in the province and peninsula of Istria. Come for the lovely views of the surrounding countryside, stay for the wine. Pictured here is the view from the medieval town walls. Read More

Zigzag Urban

Fun and zany shapes seen overhead during an urban photowalk Read More

Purple Petals In The Park

Need a little inspiration for your Tuesday? This summery view of a park outside Dubrovnik was perfect and picturesque. Read More

Colorado Snow

A mysterious unfolding of the landscape, covered with shimmery snow and soft winter sunlight. This is the path into the park, not far from my old neighborhood in Colorado Springs. Read More

A Path To Night

Another favorite spot in the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak area, Fountain Valley Regional Park... The park is known for walking and cycling trails, and also birdwatching Read More

Snowy Rocky Sunset

All of life is peaks and valleys. Don't let the peaks get too high and the valleys too low. (John Wooden) / Mountain peaks and valleys, snow and sun, in the central Colorado Rockies Read More

Ute Valley

With miles of undeveloped wild land, hiking and mountain biking trails, Ute Valley Park in Colorado Springs is a local favorite Read More

Wintertime Twin Lakes

Welcome to Twin Lakes, Colorado. This area is beautiful any time of the year, but my favorite times are autumn and winter. Read More

Continental Divide

A view across the Continental Divide in central Colorado. This is the trail west from Kroenke Lake, and you can make this a home base for hikes to the Collegiate Peaks. Read More

Winter Sunlight

The sky, earth, air and light always have a particular quality on these Colorado winter afternoons. You can smell the cold, even as the sun starts to descend. So refreshing! Read More


When the sun goes down, only shapes remain... The undersides of these clouds shone in the dusk sunlight. A Colorado Springs sunset. Read More

Welcome to Colorado

From the Rocky Mountains to the eastern plains, the state of Colorado. The colors of the flag signify the sky (blue), the 1800s gold rushes (yellow), snowcapped mountains (white) and the earth (red). Read More

Blue Sky Blue Water

The world is your mirror, and your mind is a magnet (Michael LeBoeuf) / Lighting up the sky, shining clouds and blue clear reflections Read More

Colorado Sunlight

Be grateful for the opportunity to experience each day. Live each day like it could be your last. (Joel Osteen) / Blue sky and golden prairie grasses on a winter's day Read More

Bavaria Sunset

A cool winter sunset in Bavaria Read More

Autumn at Pottenstein

Autumn views and one of the best hikes in the area, up to Burg Pottenstein in Franconian Switzerland. Read More


Concrete slab monuments in the rain, at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Berlin, Germany) Read More

The Romantic Road

During the medieval era, the way from Fussen to Wurzburg was a trade route, connecting the southern and central parts of Germany. In modern times, the road has been styled as a scenic touring route, where you can enjoy many classic views of the Bavarian countryside. Read More

Oberbaum Bridge

This is a double-deck, Gothic style bridge that crosses the River Spree in East Berlin. Try taking the metro here to Warschauer Street Station and then walking back to the center. You can pass the East Gallery and the remnants of the Berlin wall on the way back. Read More

St Marys Church Berlin

Located at Alexanderplatz in central Berlin, St. Mary's Church is one of the many historic structures restored after WWII. At night, you can stick around for a while and might enjoy a lightshow at these fountains. Read More

Lightshow Berlin

Figures walking through a streetside lightshow at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin Read More

Neuschwanstein Castle View

Walk up to Queen Mary's Bridge (Marienbrucke) at Neuschwanstein Castle to catch this view. The road keeps going up and up, but stick with it. And beware the crowds during peak hours! Read More

Autumn At Eibsee Lake

The Eibsee is an alpine lake in southern Germany, just across the border from Tyrol region, Austria. If you have a morning or an afternoon, you can walk all the way around the lake on a friendly hiking trail. Read More