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Here you'll get one photo, each weekday, Monday to Friday. Some new photos, and some from the archives. Many will be from my home base here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And hopefully there will be quite a bit of travel photography too!
Greetings! DailyPhotoBlog is currently on hiatus, and no new images are being posted. This probably means I'm having a busy week or just taking a break. In the meantime, try searching for photos by tag. See you later! -- Chris

Misty Lagoon

Geothermal springs bubble and steam on the shore of Laugarvatn, a shallow lake along the "golden circle" route in southwest Iceland Read More

Icelandic Ponies

A breed of small horses developed in Iceland. You can see these hardy horses at several locations around Iceland's "golden circle", near Geysir and Gullfoss Read More

Iceland Morning

Incredible sunlight and a winter morning in Iceland. A drive around the "golden circle" in Iceland will afford so many views like this! Read More

Storm And Sunlight

The walking path near Reykjavik, towards Grotta Island lighthouse Read More

Wintry Road

A windy road through a snowy Iceland landscape. On your way to Reykjavik, you can take the scenic route through the Reykjanes southern peninsula. Read More

Rivers of Sunlight

Set between Piriapolis and Punta del Este, Punta Ballena is one of the best spots on the Uruguayan coast to enjoy the afternoon and sunset Read More

Montevideo Nighttime

Dusk falls on Montevideo, Uruguay... Leave the car at your hotel. The best way to see the waterfront and beaches here is by bike or on foot. Read More

Plitvice Waterfall Park

One of the world's true natural wonders. At Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, you can stroll among dozens of waterfalls as they cascade between lakes and pools. Read More

Hangout at Dusk

Welcome to Split, Croatia. Come hangout across the waterfront at dusk, for the best views of Diocletian's Palace and the medieval town. Read More

Dubrovnik Full Moon

A full moon rises over the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia. The city walls, touring boats and Fort Bokar appear under a deep blue sky. Read More

Mysterious Doorways

Locked doors and barred windows... The mystery of the forbidden cloister beckons to the passing explorer Read More

Plitvice Lakes

Go early or stay late, and you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park in near solitude Read More

Shining Landscape

The Dalmatian coast of central Croatia stretches out into the sunlight Read More

Dubrovnik View

Take the cable car to the top of Mount Srd, for a breathtaking view of the coast and Dubrovnik old town Read More

Dubrovnik Old Town

View of the city walls and the old city center; Dubrovnik, Croatia Read More

Dark Fortress

A storm looms over the Fortress of Klis, in central Dalmatia, Croatia. You can get to the site by bus from the Split city center, or by hiring a private car. Read More

Sun Split

Beautiful afternoon sunlight refracting through the church tower Read More

Crowded Harbor

So many boats filling the harbor at Rovinj... A picturesque town in northwest Croatia Read More

Rock Climber

A climber scales the cliffs, near Split, Croatia Read More


Street photography and black and white patterns, while a pair of travelers waits for lunchtime Read More

Stormy Shores and Skies

Waves batter the shore on a cool, storm day Read More

Flower Street

Follow the way through flower street... Street photography in Istria, Croatia hill towns Read More

A Beach Near Split

One of the many fine beaches within walking distance (or a short bus ride) from the medieval center of Split, Croatia. The beaches are stony, but the water and sun are just as good as anywhere. If you go, be aware that some of the beaches are clothing optional... Read More

Relaxing Repose

The city of Split in Dalmatia, Croatia is known for the beautiful medieval waterfront. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon strolling through the historical areas and palace, or head to the nearby beaches for sunbathing and a short swim. Read More