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The Author

Hi, my name is Chris. I enjoy photography, traveling and the outdoors. You could call me an “outdoor enthusiast”. I also like cycling, mountain biking, hiking and Chipotle chicken burritos. (don’t forget the salsa and chips!)

Working in IT pays the bills, but like a lot of people that work with computers, I need my weekly sanity check. So whenever free time comes around, I dive right into the outdoor fun. I live on the Colorado Front Range and enjoy the Rocky Mountains on two feet, on two wheels and through the camera lens.

The Site

This site is a resource of Creative Commons license digital photos and content. This site is also my personal creative outlet, a place for me to upload and share all the photos that I take. As a side objective I also occasionally write about travel destinations, hikes and bike rides.

Posts about traveling, hiking and cycling routes are based on a combination of personal experience, research and/or talking to locals, and I endeavor to make these posts as useful and accurate as possible. But as always, use your own good judgment when out and about! Gravity never takes a break, after all.

All site content (digital photos, downloads, post text, etc) is for personal, non-commercial use. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Hire Me

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I am a teacher. Can I use your photos and content in my classroom?

All my content is released under Creative Commons non-commercial, attribution license. (more about my licensing and terms here) You can use anything I post for educational purposes. If you want a higher resolution copy of any photo posted here on the blog, send me an email from my contact form.

I'm an author / publisher. Can I use DailyPhotoBlog photos in my book?

If you are writing a book or other published work and want to use my content, this qualifies as commercial use. You should purchase a license for the photo you want to use. Send me a message via my contact form to get a commercial license and higher resolution, print quality download.

Can I use DailyPhotoBlog photos on my website or social media?

For your personal website or blog, this falls under the non-commercial use. Please credit the source and give me a link back to this site. If you are selling a product or service, or are getting paid to develop/maintain a site, social media, product or service, then this is commercial use. You must purchase a license for the photos you want to use. Send me a message from my contact form to get a commercial license for the content.

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